Domain names. Dream big. $14.99.

Host Repair will transfer domains and update all those techy things (like DNS, ewww).
Finally, a host who offers domain name support.

Domain name support for everything

  • Register

    Love and passion should go into finding a name. Your name is something special and magical. Host Repair is here to give your name more meaning.

  • Transfer

    Transfer your domain names over to Host Repair. It helps when all your online needs can be found under one roof. Deal with one support team and save time!

  • Manage

    We offer additional support to help you manage your domain names. Park them. Build them. Sell them. We're here to help and give advice on domaining.

Why domain with Host Repair?

  • Domain Features
  • Domain Prices
  • Domain Help
  • Safe & Trustworthy

    You can trust Host Repair to hold your domain and keep it safe and secure. We put in added effort to insure your domain name doesn't expire.

  • Dependable Support

    We educate, manage, and help our clients make the most of their domain names. As one of our domain customers, you'll benefit from all our expert hosting supporters.

  • Park Domains

    Park your domains with Host Repair and make money. Our domain parking templates can be set-up within 3-5 minutes and display ads specific to that domain name.

  • Control Panel

    Our domain name control panel is simple and easy to use. And with your confirmation, you won't even have to login. We can update domain changes for you.

  • Easy Management

    If your website is hosted with Host Repair, then you'll want everything in one place. This will allow us to help you manage everything and help save time.

  • Bulk Tools

    Make changes across your entire network with a few clicks. Change DNS settings and forward domains. Or have our support team help make changes for you.

  • .com

    from $14.99

  • .net

    from $14.99

  • .co

    from $24.99

  • .org

    from $14.99

  • .de $12.99
  • .it $12.99
  • .cc $12.99
  • .ly $12.99
  • .ae $12.99
  • .se $12.99
  • .pt $12.99
  • .new $12.99
  • .eu $12.99
  • .lv $12.99
  • .hk $12.99
  • .club $12.99
  • How do I renew my domains?

    Domain name renewals is easy. Log into your account and click renew. Or, give us a call and we can renew your domain names for you. Fast. Easy. Reliable.

  • Do I need a domain name to have a website?

    A website without a domain name is like a car without an engine. It just doesn't work too well. Domain names help people find your website. So we always suggest a name that's easy to understand. For example, " is a website who fixes webhost problems."

  • How do I register a domain name?

    Use our form above and search for a name. If your name is available then you can register the domain. It's yours for a maximum of 10 years!

  • What are top-level domains (TLD) and country code top-level domains (ccTLD)?

    TLDs are names that aren't specific to any country, but names that explain a site's purpose. For example, .org means organization. TLDs help give people a better idea of what the website is about. ccTLD's are names specific to a country and have more limitations to them. Some ccTLDs cannot be registered unless you are a citizen of that country.

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