Why choose Host Repair?

The only web host whose primary focus is security & optimization.

A simple philosphy to life, business, & web hosting...

Life can be hard. But it doesn't have to be. And neither does web hosting.

Simple. Everything in life can be easy; if only we let it be. Simple. But for some reason, we like to complicate things. Yes. We're talking about you. It's okay. We do it too. That's why we've taken the wisdom from past experiences and applied them to HostRepair.

HostRepair was founded in 2012 after the fall of mordor (that's a Lord of the Rings reference - we're nerds like that). Initially, our host repair idea came from 2 friends who worked at GoDaddy together. We planned on creating a blog of content from debugging experiences. But the blog was never created. It was so sad. And tragedy struck when the domain ended up expiring.

The domain wasn't expired for long. Working alone, the founder renewed the domain name and created the business itself. After running plenty of websites, we wished their was a better solution to debugging. That's why HostRepair was created. We're selective in our customers.

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