Members of our Organization

A different career model that is fair to all our members.

Let's work together to make life better...

HostRepair doesn't have employees. We have members. We are only interested in working together to build our order.

Don't work so hard to make other people rich. I remember businesses wanting to fire veteran employees because of pay-cuts. That's not the world we're creating. We've created a career model that is different.

HostRepair places a revenue cap on all our members. The revenue cap determines how much money a member can make in any one branch of service. We all start out at a minimum rate and will max-out within 3-5 years. Pay adjustments from there rely on inflation in economy. Our company branches are split into 4 different departments. Each department has a revenue cap. Any excess of revenue is invested back into our company.

The company votes on what we do with the money we have leftover. Money can be spent on marketing, pay raises, new services, etc. We believe in growing with all our members. And we plan to grow beyond lifetimes. Becoming a member of our order is through ritual and can only be requested by existing members.

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